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Mechanical Engineering Design

Our Mechanical Engineering Design capability is built upon years of virtual product design and engineering experience across diverse sectors.

We believe in the benefits of reducing the need for a physical prototype until absolutely necessary, via simulation of the product’s intended operating constraints and analysis of its behavior there under.

Our Mechanical Design Engineering solutions are delivered with the help of industry accepted technologies, using virtual reality that is immersive and realistic, bringing products to life using state of the art 3D modelling.

Combined with our simulation and analysis capabilities, this enables our customers realise their product vision early on in the lifecycle thereby minimising costs and reducing time to market.

Realising the product vision early on in the lifecycle enables us to optimise the ways in which the product can be physically manufactured and develop a robust manufacturing strategy, taking into account various processes such as fabrication, machining, assembly and external factors such as raw material availability, costs, supply chain mapping, logistics & transportation.