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There is always the pressure of an increase in product complexities combined with a need for reducing development lifecycles. Keeping these in mind, the detailed design sits at a crucial intersection of many processes that depend on and influence one another.

This phase begins with a review of the concept design to ensure that the chosen concept meets all the requirements of the technical specification.

At this stage we start refining the concept and simultaneously prepare documentation necessary for completing the design process.

We start modelling the assembly and installation features, interfaces and various functional features that the actual component will have. The 3D CAD model becomes the master document that drives the rest of the process.

We also start making decisions on material selection and compatibility for intended application.

Throughout the design process we apply the inclusive design philosophy. We involve and include clients and partners whose inputs are critical to the development of the design. This also helps us enhance and foster a positive working environment with collaboration and transparency at the heart of proceedings.

The CAD packages we predominantly use are Autodesk Inventor and Siemens Solid Edge.