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Equitus in Space

13 July 2020, 09:54 am

This particular client of Equitus is part of the UK Research and Innovation family.We delivered some of the design, development, substantiation & manufacture support of necessary equipment to facilitate onsite testing of components for the Sentinel 5 Satellite mission, which is part of the ESA’s Copernicus Program.

Scope of Involvement:

Design, development & manufacture support of necessary equipment to facilitate onsite testing for Sentinel 5 Satellite mission

Select Activities Carried Out:

  • Overseeing of sub-contracted (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment) MGSE Design and Manufacture
  • Design & Manufacture of appropriate chamber hardware based on parameters of MGSE
  • Design & Manufacture of support systems such as chamber flanges, feedthroughs, baffles, actuated window shutter mechanisms, cold traps etc
  • Development of adjustable model for checking beam positioning with respect to chamber window positions
  • Design substantiation and validation of trolleys and rails to transport instrumentation in and out of the vacuum chamber

Influence on Design: Significant influence on MGSE design as chamber parameters defined the geometry of the MGSE hardware, which was being supplied by a partner organisation in Switzerland.

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