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A Better Engineered World

31 August 2020, 11:26 am

When we decided to form Equitus Engineering Limited, we set out with a vision; to consistently deliver efficient and effective solutions to engineering problems and to establish and continue a heritage of excellent engineering practises and process, leading to a better engineered world.

Consistency, efficiency and effectiveness form the three pillars on the strengths of which we deliver solutions to engineering problems. By being consistent we make ourselves accountable, provide stability, make it easy for others to measure us and more importantly we provide an assurance to our partners that they can count on us. However, all consistency alone is not enough. It is paramount to be consistently good as opposed to being consistently bad. This brings us to our efficiency and effectiveness.

By being efficient, we ensure optimal use of resources and minimise waste. In a dynamically changing business scenario, anticipating and planning for multiple eventualities is an asset we pride ourselves on. Given our knowledge, skills and experience, we get to the heart of the problem in very little time and apply engineering principles to find and implement solutions that are effective.

Whilst being consistent and efficient are great attributes to have, it is the effectiveness of our solutions that truly portrays our expertise, technical horsepower and capabilities. Simply put, effectiveness defines how well, or even, whether or not a given problem disappear. When you have a headache, the effectiveness of the pill is its ability to make that pain go away. If the pill isn’t effective, the pain doesn’t go away. In the same way, if the solution isn’t effective, the problem doesn’t go away. Hence our focus on effectiveness.

This sweet spot, which is a combination of consistency, efficiency and effectiveness is shown below.

Change is inevitable. Times change, people change, technologies change and requirements change. This understanding drives our desire to establish and continue a heritage of processes and procedures, which again are also subject to change. For us this is a journey, perhaps an adventure, which will certainly have its ups and downs. This pursuit is fuelled by the belief that ‘there is no best way to do something, there is always a better way’. Hence our quest for a better engineered world.

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