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Finite Element Analysis

Our Finite Element Analysis capabilities provide validation and assurance in design at the various stages of product development. We have the capabilities to assess against a variety of physics, materials and loading phenomena.

Performing structural assessments to determine correctly, stress, deflection, strains, fracture due to loads of different nature necessitate the simulations to be set up and interpreted correctly. This includes features such as good quality meshing, realistic material properties and assembly contact. As proficient users of industry standard tools such as Nastran and Ansys, we help companies gain assurance, and confidence in their product and their design and manufacturing processes. The wide spectrum of our capabilities and experience means that we select the right analysis approach in terms of problem physics, application, idealisation (shells, beams, solids) contact setup and modelling, and a range of static and dynamic loading conditions.

Our analysis capabilities include linear and non-linear (multibody contact, hyper-elastic materials, large deflections) static, linear and non-linear buckling, dynamic (implicit and explicit dynamics) such as natural frequency (modal and pre-stressed modal), harmonic, response spectrum and random vibration, blast modelling and events simulation, steady-state and transient, Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS), Fall Over Protection Systems (FOPS), thermal and fatigue failure. Sources of loading include vibrations, seismic events and pulsations, heat, quenching and thermo-mechanical phenomena amongst others.

In many cases, these models have to adhere to the requirements of regulatory standards and codes. We tackle all types of static, dynamic and buckling simulations for fabrication and assemblies, including proper treatment of contact, welds and bolted connections to assessment by BS 5950-1-2000.

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