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Extracting and Displaying Beam Bending Moments in Autodesk Inventor Nastran

31 August 2020, 07:21 pm


Another question we get asked frequently at Equitus Engineering Limited is how to extract results for beams such as bending moments in Autodesk Inventor Nastran. Let’s go through the way to do this.

Before I proceed further, I will assume that:

  • You are familiar with the Autodesk Inventor Nastran interface and have been doing some Finite Element Modelling using the software.
  • Your analysis is all set-up and ready to run.

You can model beams by using frame generator in Autodesk Inventor or by creating line sketches within Inventor and then assigning beam idealisations to them in Autodesk Inventor Nastran.

Once you’ve done this, you will right click on ‘Analysis 1’ (or name of the analysis in which you want to look at beam bending moments) in the tree on the top-left side of your screen and go to ‘Edit’. In the window that opens, under the ‘Output Controls’ tab, in the ‘Elements’ section you will put a check mark on ‘Force’ and then exit the window.

Once you run the analysis, you then go to the results section in the window and right click and select new. Then under ‘Result Data’ select ‘Beam Diagram’ and then under ‘Type’ select ‘Beam Moment’ at either end. Then press ‘Display’ to view the bending moments on the beam.

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