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It Did Not Come Home. So What?

12 July 2021, 10:30 am
OK, It did not come home. So what?
We gathered with our loved ones. We let go, our differences, and embraced our oneness. We shared a smile, and shed a tear together. We rued missed chances, and rejoiced when we got them. But more importantly, we dreamed, be hoped, we believed, and we united.
And now, we stand by our heroes, all of them, especially Marcus, Jadon, and Bukayo, for there was no lack of passion or patriotism in your display! We are still proud of you, and will always be. It takes courage, a lot of it, to step up to take one of those penalties, let alone convert them. What you did was something the rest of us can only dream of!
Team Equitus stands by Team England. Today, and forever!
2018: Semi Final
2021: Final
2022: Champions. It's Coming Home!

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