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New Website: Manufacturing Solutions

01 September 2020, 10:31 pm



A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we are on the verge of launching our spanking new website very shortly. In the build up to this launch, we want to share with you a few brief insights into our offerings which have been slightly reorganised.

This week we look at our manufacturing offerings.

In-House Prototyping: Your design is ready, and we have handed over the design pack to you. Now, you want to have some samples made to get a feel for the product. You need to go no further because, with in-house additive manufacturing capabilities we now offer you rapid prototyping services to complement our engineering and product development capabilities.

Our In-House 3D Printer

Low-Volume Additive Manufacture: Supposing your design is a one-off or fairly low volume to justify tooling costs for conventional manufacture. That is one less thing for you to worry about, because we can 3D-print low volumes for you, even one-off pieces.

Assessment of Needs and Technology Matching: Technology is rapidly changing and there are new and emerging products, solutions and services out there. We help you make sense of what is out there by understanding your requirement instead of throwing technology at you. Our belief is technology not for the sake of it, but to enhance the value of your offering.

Technology Strategy Development: We help you create a strategy for deploying the appropriate technologies that will give you maximum benefit and justification of investment.

Technology Implementation and Delivery: We deliver the appropriate technology and the resultant transformation. This also includes training and development, measuring and monitoring tools to help you track progress following deployment.

Industry 4.0 Consultancy and Deployment: We have a wide range of Industry 4.0 capabilities to help manufacturers with agility, productivity and sustainability. Our offerings include IIOT, modular software as a service, digital manufacturing twin, data acquisition devices such as sensors, barcode readers, PLCs, communication gateways such as WiFi, ethernet, Bluetooth, RFID and such for factory machines and utilities and cloud-based, and localised data storage and access.

Make in India: Developments around COVID-19 pandemic have necessitated exploration of alternative, reliable manufacturing destinations. With our experience of working in India and an understanding of the country’s culture and policies we can help you move your manufacturing from countries like China into India, whilst enabling you to retain your British manufacturing in Britain. Our services include regulatory compliance, setting up joint ventures, IP protection and legal support, market research, manufacturing partnerships, base for South-East Asia and Oceania and defence offset manufacturing. To know more about why India, get in touch.

Whilst our design development and engineering solutions are designed to help you in the pre-manufacture stages of your product’s lifecycle, our manufacturing solutions are designed to support you during and after the manufacture.


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