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New Website - Product Development

01 September 2020, 10:24 pm


A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we are on the verge of launching our spanking new website very shortly. In the build up to this launch, we want to share with you a few brief insights into our offerings which have been slightly reorganised.

This week we look at our product development capabilities overview.

Technical and Functional Specifications: They drive the product development process. Therefore. it is paramount to ensure that the specifications comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

We prepare and review technical and functional specifications considering all legal and regulatory requirements.

3D Design and Draughting: We use Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Fusion 360 to bring design ideas to life. We also have the capability to apply Artificial Intelligence to drive the design, considering essential functional, engineering, and commercial features such as strength, material, manufacturing, and costs, significantly reducing product development timescales and accelerating your route to market.

We generate manufacturing grade drawings in accordance with applicable standards.

People Centric Design: People lie at the heart of everything. Be it decision making, or operating machinery or buying and using the millions of products that are designed, developed, and manufactured the world over. Our people centric approach focusses on making life easier for everyone involved. Our people centric approach is integral to how we design things. Our people centric design process starts with an all-important question (that will be revealed at launch).

Some of our considerations include mass customisation, cultural sensitivities, and inclusivity.

Minimum Viable Products: Developing a minimum viable product, or MVP, is a challenge not just for start-ups and early stage companies, but also for established organisations. We help developing and delivering minimum viable products successfully by applying our breadth of experience, engineering expertise, technology, and innovation methods.

We take care of your MVP journey from idea to full scale commercialisation.

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