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Stress Linearisation With Autodesk Inventor Nastran

31 August 2020, 09:19 pm


Another question we get asked frequently at Equitus Engineering Limited is how to perform stress linearization as per standards such as ASME VIII.

Before I proceed further, I will assume that:

  1. You are familiar with the Autodesk Inventor Nastran interface and have been doing some Finite Element Modelling using the software.
  2. You are also familiar with the theoretical concepts around stresses in thin and thick cylinders.

Once you’ve done the analysis, and want to look at the membrane and bending stresses, this is what you do:

  1. Display the stress results. You should then be able to select ‘Stress Linearisation’ from the top bar.
  2. Then, in the stress linearisation window, select one of the six tensors you want to see.
  3. Then select the nodes that will form your stress classification line, across the thickness of your cylinder
  4. Now select the reference point that will define your ‘N’ axis. The H axis automatically follows the right thumb rule
  5. Once you’ve selected all these, you should be able to see the stress linearisation graph, the membrane stress (pm) and bending stress (pb) based on Maximum Shear Stress or Maximum von mises Stress

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