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Successful Application of Generative Design for Multiple Benefits

13 July 2020, 08:06 am

Earlier this year We had posted some initial work we were doing on a bicycle component. We have a few more updates now on this journey, with how you too can benefit from this.

1. What was our objective?

We set out to explore if we could reduce the mass and therefore the material used in a particular component whilst retaining the engineering integrity and functionality of the component

2. What did we achieve?

Our initial generative design results showed a mass reduction of around 73%, which was further validated by FEA. Following this, we had a couple of our designs 3D printed by the kind folks at Autodesk.

3. Whom are we thanking?

Our gratitudes go out to the kind people at Autodesk UK in this instance.

4. What's in it for you?

By engaging in this process, you stand to benefit from rapid prototyping, reduced product development time, accelerated route to market, sustainability, agility design, development and manufacturing, cost savings, and better revenue.

The future of manufacturing is happening right now!


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