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What Is Connected Product Lifecycle Management?

14 July 2020, 07:13 am

What Is Connected Product Lifecycle Management?

Conventional Product Lifeycle Management looks as shown in the first image below.

Conventional Product Lifecyle Management
Conventional PLM Pathway

You start with concept, take the product through the design, manufacture and sell phases, at which point you have a brick wall. That signifies that everything after the sale is either the customer's problem or someone else's.

However, with connected PLM, the whole product lifecycle looks a bit different, as seen in the image below.

Connected PLM Pathway

In the connected PLM way, there is no brickwall. In fact the entire product lifecycle looks entirely different, from how you conceptualise, develop, manufacture and build a customer experience around your products and services.

More on this in tomorrow's newsbite.

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